Waiting for June…and more!

It’s been some time since we last updated on here but we’re happy to announce there’s much to be excited about for Fowler’s Mustache and The Thirsty Bunch this summer! We’ve got plenty of good times ahead at some local spots all over the Charleston area, such as Wild Wings, Midtown, The Windjammer and Art’s just to name a few. In addition to some of these regular favorites we’re happy to announce we will be opening up for Sol Driven Train on Friday, June 22nd at the weekly Party at the Point celebration on Patriots Point, then rocking the after party down the street at Wild Wings in Mount Pleasant! Also, be sure to catch us at the annual Sullivan’s Island Fish Fry on Saturday, June 30th at the Sullivan’s Island Fish Fry Shack. We’ve played this gig for the past few years and it always promises to be a good time for all ages! Make sure to check our Gigs page for a complete listing of all our upcoming shows.

Now for some recording news! The past year has been a busy one for us both on and off the stage. We’ve spent a lot of time collaborating and brainstorming in an effort to collectively explore our boundaries as musicians and push our songwriting capabilities even further. The process has been both refreshing and motivational towards the future of this musical endeavor together. This upcoming week, we plan to finally finish the tracking for our upcoming album to be released later this summer! The album will feature songs which have made their way into our regular live lineup over the past year as well as a few tracks we’ve never performed in public before. In addition, we’re very excited and privileged to feature a few guest appearances from some very talented local musicians and vocalists. As we approach the very near end of making this sophomore album, we are full of excitement and eager to pump some sweet melodies into everyone’s ears. Stay tuned for more updates about this upcoming album and its release. We hope to see everyone out all over Charleston and beyond this summer!

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    Can’t wait to hear the new album!!

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